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Skip Tracing 

Sway Services uses multiple avenues of investigation. This means we can search and find an assortment of records including, but not limited to: 

  • People
  • Phones (mobile & land lines)
  • Assests
  • DMV Records
  • Criminal Records
  • Background Checks
  • Court Records
  • Business and Corporate Records

Defendant and Witness Location

Sway Services' investigators can find your defendant, witness,or previous tenant if they have moved. Sway Services skip tracers utilize proven techniques to locate your subject.  We turn over every rock.

Search Variety

Finding people is both an art and a science.  Sway Services skip tracing offers an assortment of search solutions. We can locate defendants, assets, phone numbers (listed or not), as well as addresses. Whether you have just an old address, telephone number, or social security number, our service can help you trace the information you need. We utilize an extensive collection of databases, public records, and Internet search tools to pursue even the most elusive skips. As a result, almost no one is beyond our reach.